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Maintaining integrity, performance and safety of the road infrastructure through autonomous robotized solutions and modularization


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With the aim to reduce workers’ exposure to live traffic as well as construction machines, reduce the cost of repetitive tasks, and increase the safety of road users, while increasing the availability of the transport network, InfraROB promotes significant advances in automating, robotising and modularizing the construction, upgrade and maintenance of the road infrastructure.

The project will focus on the roadbed and, particularly, on roads paved with asphalt and will provide advancements across 5 strictly interrelated technological areas, namely:

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 Autonomous robotized machinery for pavement construction, upgrade or large maintenance interventions.

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Autonomous robotized machinery for the routine or periodic maintenance of the pavement.

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Modularization of road construction/upgrade through industrial prefabrication.

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Collaborative operation of safety cone robots and RPAS for work zone segmentation and signalling.

INFRAROB image TA5.png Upgrading of Management Systems to ensure safer operations and maintenance.

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InfraROB will develop and deliver, in the form of TRL7 prototypes, the following innovative technological solutions:

  • an autonomous and autonomously-working / robotized road construction train.
  • an autonomous robotized head to repair potholes and cracks in the road surface.
  • an autonomously-working line marking robot for road marking.
  • an all-in-one multi-functional precast concrete element applicable as roadside safety/restraint system and as road construction element at the same time.
  • collaborative robotized safety systems (safety cone robots and RPAS) for work zone segmentation and signaling.
  • PMS (Pavement Management System) upgrades to enable predictive maintenance planning along with rentability assessment for lifetime cost analysis when considering maintenance works carried out by robots.
  • a digital-twin-based add-on application for PMS for a better condition-based assessment of critical road sections.
  • a solution for the long-term damage detection of pavements relying on the integration of distributed FOS (Fiber Optic Sensor) in asphalt and an automatic laying system for it.
  • TMS (Traffic Management System) upgrades to take into account the presence of robots on the road thus providing for the safe and coordinated deployment of automated road maintenance robots tightly coupled with associated traffic regimes.


All of this machinery and systems will be developed as an integrated set of solutions that will relate one to the others as per the following scheme showing the operational interdependence of the InfraROB components.